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Best of Tucson Time

Tucson is not perfect, and we don't have to point out the potholes or our odd brand of Baja Arizona politics to prove it, but it has a way of capturing our hearts. I know several people who tell the "my car broke down on the freeway so I stayed" story, and every artist who made their home here will tell you that at first it was because Tucson was an affordable city, allowing artists to pay rent and work at creating.

There are other stories, dozens, hundreds of stories on what brings people to Tucson and then my favorites on what lures us back. Those who return, like me, certain there is nothing like home. And we're right, despite the weird and ugly of Tucson, the beautiful wins out every time, and the rest simply makes it damn interesting. This week we kicked off our Best of Tucson voting. There are the rules-one ballot per person and remember we watch IP addresses (we really do); we require that you include a full name and email address or phone number (without we throw out, fake ones are thrown out); you must fill in at least 30 different categories for your ballot to count; and finally no ballot-box stuffing. Businesses can and do campaign, but beyond that is a no-no (at my discretion). Email me if you have questions. We're looking forward to this special issue-our most important of the year. We'll be bringing back staff picks. Our theme this year, Our Ink Stained Heart, will allow us to tell some special Tucson stories between your reader picks, plus show many of those tattoos that adorn Tucsonans who are a lot like us at the newsroom-ink lovers. Our ink just happens to be on our hands and in our souls, just like Tucson. So get busy, get voting. Click here for the ballot and more information.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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