Editor's Note

Why do we write what we write?

This week's cover story from our staff writer María Inés Taracena is an important story to tell, but I always find it interesting when people ask us or our writers why we write what we write—why we choose these stories to tell and why we feel they are important enough to put on the cover of the Tucson Weekly.

Taracena's story focuses on two people from Guatemala seeking asylum with one of those a transgender woman who remains in detention in Florence. The Tucson Weekly has a proud history of writing about LGBT issues and immigration stories. Ultimately, that's one answer.

If you to ask Taracena directly she'll tell you it's our job to write these stories about people without a voice.

Some of you may not know someone who is transgender or an undocumented immigrant seeking asylum. You don't know their stories. These aren't people you sit down with for coffee at your downtown spot. Too bad, really. You should.

So here's your opportunity. Get that cup, sit down, and let us introduce you to Juan Mariano Oreno and Nicoll Hernández-Polanco.

—Mari Herreras, Managing Editor


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