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It had been a week or so since I received an angry email (Facebook comments, Twitter mentions, sure, but email was strangely silent), but on Sunday, a to-be-left-unnamed-but-thankfully-loyal reader came through for me with a gem about our listings.

Yes, the listings have gone through some changes in recent months—one week we ran out of space to run them at all, which was a regrettable mistake, for sure—but we are trying to figure out the balance of finding space to run listings for events and the pages we need for editorial content. However, last week, the email writer noted that we only had three listing items in the theater section (as she put it "seriously? in Tucson??"). So, yes, there were almost certainly more than three theater-related events happening last week, and a bit of a rundown on how our listings work these days is probably in order.

In the past, we had more staff time dedicated to entering listings. When listings were submitted through our website, we'd get an email with that information and we'd have to enter it into our system. Now, when you enter an event at TucsonWeekly.com, it goes into our system to be approved, then it runs online and (space permitting) in print. However, while we try to make sure notable events around town are in our database, we can't get everything, so we need you to tell your favorite arts organizations, social groups, etc. to enter what they have going on into our database. It's actually pretty easy and if it's a regular happening, you can set that up as well.

Turns out, it's not that I came "out of the closet as a Republican who doesn't really care" about the interests of readers (sigh), but just that we need the organizations that are putting on great events each week to help us out by letting us know about them. Of course, if you need help, you can always send an email to listings@tucsonweekly.com or call the office (797-4384) during regular business hours. We'd love to share with Tucson what's happening in your corner of the world.

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