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Winner, Winner

In all the excitement about the Star's paywall (which still doesn't seem to work and if there's a way to pay for the digital package, I'm not immediately finding it) last week, I did forgot to use this space to talk about the annual Association of Alternative Newsmedia convention in Nashville which wrapped up two weeks ago.

As you might suspect any opportunity that arises to talk/complain with other journalists working at similar papers is always a plus, but the best part was actually the opportunity just to hear what everyone else is doing, whether that's on the hard news/politics end or with arts/culture/music/food/whatnot. Getting into the specifics would probably be too boring for words, but I almost filled a reporter's notebook with ideas that I'd like to try at the Weekly and I imagine some of those story concepts will show up in these pages sooner rather than later.

However, if you follow us on Facebook (and if not, feel free to join more than 20,000 of your closest friends and people you admire), you already know that the highlight of the three days was Jim Nintzel's win at the AAN Awards for Best Political Column (for papers under 50,000 in weekly circulation) for his tireless work on The Skinny. It was a little unfair that I got the $1 mail-order medal, hug from a drag queen and celebratory shot of something with whiskey in it at the ceremony itself that should have been Nintzel's, but the honor is still all his.

Congrats on the well-deserved award, Jim Nintzel. We're lucky to have you here at the Weekly.

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