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First off, before our devoted crossword fans head to the office with torches and pitchforks in hand, there's only one crossword this week. Ben Tausig, the creator of the Inkwell puzzle that we added last year, ended that crossword's run last week to focus on his actual job as a professor (you might have noticed hints and such in the puzzles themselves lately). I personally enjoy doing crosswords and we generally had positive feedback about having two puzzles, so we'll probably find a new second puzzle shortly. Your patience is appreciated.

Speaking of patience, I do understand that some of that virtue has been necessary with the redesign process, as sections move around the paper (Chow after Music last week, for example) and different articles and comics have occasionally gone missing (This Modern World, most recently). As I'm sure you've heard, there's been a lot of change around here at once, but we're really working hard to get through it all each week, putting out a great paper every week in the process and yes, unfortunately, some stuff has slipped through the cracks on occasion. Frankly, no one hates those sort of missteps more than I do, so each week, we're looking at the little things that have gone wrong and made an effort to make sure that mistake doesn't happen again. This Modern World? This week, it should be back in place. The small type size on Media Watch will also hopefully be a thing of the past.

Please do let me know what you think and what (if anything) you notice goes wrong. This community deserves a great alt-weekly and our staff is giving our best to try to keep up the proud tradition of this paper.

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