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Oh, Movie Times

The first month of life at the Tucson Weekly under new ownership has been a little strange at times, but hey, we made it into June, even with the challenges of working with new people, temporarily having two offices and just the general issues that come with new systems and ways of doing things. Nearly everything has worked out just fine, with a few minor stumbles here are there, but then there are the movie times.

Yes, there have been some changes in content here and there, but yet again, it's a change to the movie times that has people upset. An emailed letter I received while on vacation this weekend used a long allegory about town criers to claim that I'll likely lose my job over the disappearing film times. Someone else called the office to repeatedly call me an idiot. A hand-written letter that came to our new office sort of implied that I should be killed for getting rid of those listings, but I'm choosing not to read it that way.

I mentioned this before, but apparently it didn't get through, so I'll repeat it: our new production schedule (not my decision) won't allow us to run film times anymore. Despite what the guy who somehow thinks it would make perfect sense for me to lose my job over this thinks, there are plenty of places to find out what movies are playing where, even if you don't have a computer or smart phone (calling the theater, for example, which I recognize isn't the most convenient thing, but sorry). But even considering that the times were frequently wrong and there are far better and easier ways to get the info, I would run movie times if I could, mostly not to get angry phone calls on a regular basis, but also because it is apparently a service we can provide someone in our community. Somewhat cranky and easy-to-anger someones in our community, but nevermind that for now.

Unless something changes with how we're printing the paper now, the film times are gone in print for now (we still pay to have those listings on our website, which is a great place to find film times, honestly). Again, not my choice, but if I can be a focal point for your somewhat peculiar anger, I guess that's the cost of being the editor of the Weekly in 2014.

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