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Understandably, there were some concerns that with the sale of the Weekly to 10/13 Communications that big changes would be coming. I am here to tell you that it's true: We increased the font size on some of the articles this week.

This is mostly a temporary fix to the issue of our new two-and-a-quarter inch taller issue size (a product of switching to our parent company's press), simply because we don't really have time to do a full redesign of the paper, but hey, if you've thought that the type in our Currents pieces is too small, this is your lucky week.

Also (and I'll be hiding under my desk for a month or so once this news gets out) the movie times are gone again. Not due to my belief that there are plenty of places to find out what movies are showing when and where (a reminder: if you Google the name of a movie, usually you'll get showtimes on the front page of your search results), but because we needed to move our deadline up a bit and the film times service we use just can't accommodate that change. I don't welcome the barrage of seemingly misplaced anger this development will create, but I'm somewhat ready for it.

Otherwise, I'm really proud of our first issue under 10/13, including the much fuller staff box on page 4, even as I'm typing this at 11 p.m. on a Monday night. So far, so good.

On that note, thanks so much to the people who reached out to us during the last few chaotic weeks around here. There was a lot of uncertainty for all of us and, for me, every kind email, note or comment was greatly appreciated.

Now, enjoy Mari's cover story on Barrio Libre, Joshua Levine's poetic live review, Jim Nintzel's Ally Miller update in the Skinny and the rest of this week's issue. Thanks for reading.

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