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Goodbye, Wick

So, as you read this, the Tucson Weekly has been sold to 10/13 Communications, so the Wick era of this paper has come to an end.

I wasn't here for most of that time (founder Doug Biggers sold the paper in 2000, I got here in 2010), but I will say that I've appreciated a) the opportunity they gave me to be editor of this paper in the first place and b) the fact that no one really ever questioned the way we do things here, even though the Weekly has been a strange outsider in a company full of community newspapers. I remember one particularly strange Wick editors get-together where there was a long discussion of what to do about Little League results in the sports section. I felt a little left out, but yet, when the company gave out in-company awards for editorial excellence, there was the Weekly, honored in every category. So, thanks to Wick Communications and the Wick family.

So, what now? It really does look like everything's going to be the same, despite the general panic on social media. As far as I know right now, everyone's keeping their job, I've been told that 10/13 wants the Weekly to stay the Weekly, and we're working on next week's issue in basically the same manner as the issues before the rumors of the sale kicked in. I realize that there's no good way for me to make that assertion without seemingly sounding like a corporate stooge, but if the quality or reputation of the Weekly ends up getting compromised in this whole transition, I'll be the first one out the door (as much of a challenge as that would be for your friendly editor with a family that appreciates having a home).

There are going to be people claiming that the Weekly is dead (some of those people, keep in mind have a self-interest in that narrative). All I ask is that you give us a chance by keeping up your habits with us for a bit. Judge us by the product, which is all we could have ever asked for.

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