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Hello? Hello?

Welcome to one of the least read parts of the Tucson Weekly, the editor's note!

We recently did a reader survey for the company that sells national advertising for us (you might have seen the giant full-page ads in the paper) and while I might disagree with the results due to the methodology (the survey was crazy long and even with some solid prizes, a lot of people just won't do surveys anyhow, which means you're really just surveying people who don't mind surveys), it's hard to create much of an excuse for the fact that only 39 percent of those who answered said they read the Editor's Note.

And that's okay. I'm not going to take this as some sort of sign that I'm a bad writer or an uninteresting person—I write the opposite in my journal over and over each night as positive Oprah-inspired affirmation—because that's not why people don't read my lovingly-crafted-not-at-all-written-at-the-last-minute editor's note in this space each week.

Sixty-one percent of our readers skip over this space (or forget that they did read it) because it's generally meaningless. I don't write anything super profound in here most weeks. If I have something to say, I usually just blog it (daily.tucsonweekly.com!). Most weeks, I just try to introduce the well-researched, well-thought-out content that appears in the following pages. That's where the good stuff is. And, heck, sometimes I write some of that stuff too and it's generally more interesting than this note.

If you're part of the 39 percent (and I guess you are), thanks for this brief bit of your time. I appreciate the attention, however undeserved.

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