Editor's Note

All the Food!

This is our second 100 Essential Dishes issue and as I'm nearly falling asleep on Tuesday night trying to wrap it up to send to press, I hope you enjoy it, because at this point, it feels like these particular 64 pages might just kill me.

Some of that is just the nature of putting any issue together with multiple moving parts and partially just a week where everything seemingly went wrong, but hey, that's the newspaper biz for you.

However, before the deadline day from hell, reading through the descriptions of various entrées, sides, condiments, desserts, etc. from restaurants across town, besides making the fast food burger I had for lunch seem wildly inadequate, gave me a extra bit of civic pride. Comparing last year's somewhat arbitrary list to this year's slightly less arbitrary list, there are more restaurants represented, more variety and just better, more interesting food to eat. At the very least, on the most selfish level, the fact that Mexico in Season is open in the chain/franchise hell of Airport Heights where the Weekly offices are located is a win for my culinary adventures.

No, a bunch of new restaurants does not fix the roads or bring Tesla here, but it's something. At least for me, having vibrant, innovative restaurants to choose from does cement my relationship with the city a bit more, and I imagine that's true for more people than just me, even if only subconsciously. We have to start somewhere, right?

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