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While I generally loathe the very idea of giving credit to the Arizona Daily Star for anything (it's part of the gig, I suppose), the Festival of Books is a really big deal for Tucson. I probably won't spend too much time on the mall this edition after spending both days of last year's fest working a tent for the Weekly, but it really is one of those rare occasions where there's something for everyone down there. Well, everyone who enjoys thinking, I suppose, but that's nearly everyone.

So, this week we celebrate books, begrudglingly the same week as the daily paper's colossal shindig. David Mendez talks to the guys from Spork Press, a local publisher mixing mixtapes and handmade books. We have an excerpt from the new book by Tucson Weekly contributor Todd Miller (you might remember his cover story about children along the border Feb. 6), Border Patrol Nation, a riveting look at what we've built to try to protect ourselves and the human cost. Plus, our City Week pick is a book club with a burlesque twist. I'm not kidding. We had to edit nudity out of the publicity photo. Oh, and we have Christine Wald-Hopkins' biweekly round-up of books of local interest. Our books coverage in this issue might be more than the Star does during the non-Festival part of the year, but that's a different story, I suppose.

In events that don't involve wildly overpacked tented food court areas, I'll be appearing as a "celebrity" (I know, I'm as confused by the idea as anyone) at Saturday night's Retro Game Show Night at Club Congress. We'll be playing a take on the $25,000 Pyramid. The show starts at 7 and is only $8 for a night of drag-queen-hosted entertainment. See you there.

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