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Odds and Ends Again

• It just worked out this way, but this is more or less a science themed issue, as we have three excellent stories that emerged from the UA Journalism School: Cathy Rosenberg's cover story on bighorn sheep, Ann Posegate's profile of theologian/astronomer Christopher Corbally and Sydnie Lemieux on the science behind Arizona wine. Thanks to the enigmatic John de Dios for his help getting all of this together and to Noelle Haro-Gomez for her photos, who is sadly no longer going to be available at the last minute to shoot things for us as she's heading to Pennsylvania for a few months. I'm generally confused by anything science-related, but the writing on these pieces is so good that I enjoyed each word. Hopefully you do as well.

• This week in unsolicited endorsements: the Gungor show at Club Congress on Thursday the 16th should be a magnificent evening of music. You can read more about the husband and wife that make up the core of the group in this week's music feature, but if you feel like you might enjoy a slightly less weird version of Sufjan Stevens, they should be up your alley. I can't imagine they'll be playing places the size of Congress for long, at very least. Plus, the scheduled opener, Kye Kye, who I believe are from Estonia via Portland, could be something special as well, if only based on the first single from their forthcoming second album, "Honest Affection."

• You'll start seeing his posts on The Range, but I managed to convince David Safier, who writes a monthly-ish column for us, to bring his blogging over to Tucsonweekly.com, which should class up the joint a bit. He knows more about the state of education in the state and nationally than anyone I know, so I'm glad to have him on board.

• On an entirely different note, our new contributor on the pizza beat, James Krepps, should be entering the fray at some point soon as well. He loves pizza and he's a good writer, so it seems like a natural fit. Sure, the daily paper had an endless bracket voting thing, but we have someone assigned to just write about pizza. Take that, traditional media!

Thanks for reading.

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