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Looking Forward to 2014

It's been a strange year, although I'm hesitant to even write that, since it's the 22nd as I type this and I feel like I'm probably dooming myself to further weirdness through some sort of jinx. But, hey, what else could happen in a year that rushing to a finish with a military action in Rocky Point and a super-weird day where it appeared Kourtney Kardashian was going to hang out at the Meet Rack?

We have a bunch of year-in-review pieces in this week's issue, from 2013 in food and booze, our film guys discussing their favorites on-screen moments, and the obligatory (yet, useful and interesting) top 10 lists from our music staff. Many publications use these wrap-up catalog pieces as a mechanism to get a day or two off around the holidays, and I guess we're a little guilty of that as well, but there's some fun and surprising info mixed in as well. Plus, we have a great list of what's happening around town for New Year's Eve. My wife and I are thinking of hitting the quite affordable night of DJs at Plush, but there's certainly an option for everyone in there somewhere.

Now that we almost have 2013 behind us, 2014 should be a fun year for us here at the Weekly. As you may or may not know, February will mark our 30th anniversary as a paper, so we'll have a special issue on stands Feb. 20, as well as some festivities to be announced. In the meantime, because we like parties, booze and cake, we'll be throwing an anniversary celebration each month in 2014 at a different local drinking establishment, starting with the World Famous Golden Nugget (2617 N. First Ave.) on Jan. 8. Join us, beat me at shuffleboard, get some sort of collectable item and enjoy a slice of anniversary cake. Should be a good time. At least, I hope so, since I've committed to doing this thing every month for a year.

Other than our excuse to expense a cake every month, we're working hard to improve the paper, including a fancy eventual visual redesign, an expanded second edition of our 100 Essential Dishes feature on March 27, and the return of the Sex Issue that got us kicked out of two establishments last year. Plus, we're going to hit the election year hard with the city's best politics coverage.

It should be a great 2014. I'm looking forward to it.

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