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You Have Plans This Weekend

I get it, it's a crazy time of year. I don't even really have any friends and I think there are 17 events I'm supposed to be at on Saturday.

SIDENOTE: Pace yourself, people! Has anyone considered having an Arbor Day party instead of jamming up everyone's calendar with another event in December? Just throwing that out there.

If you haven't already booked up Thursday through Saturday of this week, you should consider going downtown for The Great Cover-Up.

If you read Soundbites each week (and hopefully you do), you already know about the annual event, but let me take a moment just to add my enthusiastic recommendation.

In case you haven't heard already, here's a recap of the basic premise: Tucson musicians pick a group or theme to play cover songs of; each band plays for 20 minutes, but it's a secret which bands are doing which covers until they hit the stage. Plus, it's cheap fun for a good cause: $8 for one night, $12 for two, or $15 if you buy a pass for all three nights, with all the money going to the Southern Arizona Artists and Musicians Healthcare Alliance.

It's really a lot of fun, I promise, partially because you get an opportunity to see a wide selection of Tucson musicians at one time, but also because those musicians are really enjoying themselves, either playing something that inspires them or even a selection of songs they find amusing.

Each year, there are multiple sets that become part of the lore of Tucson music history and I've never regretted for a moment a night I've spent at one of these shows. I can't even process everything I have going on this weekend, but I'm determined to make time to see at least one night of this year's slate of shows.

Duck out early from that work party, feign a cough to ditch family, etc. More info can be found at greatcoveruptucson.com.

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