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Before you spend much time reading my editor's note this week, flip back to page 49 and read the last installment of Michael Grimm's The Last Days of Roland & Cid.

Done? OK, good.

Grimm has decided to bring the strip to an end this week, partially to pursue other opportunities, partially to get his life back on weekends instead of creating panels, which is understandable for him, but still a bummer for those of us who looked forward to what he came up with each week. A round of applause to Michael Grimm for years of great strips. Well done, sir.

In other comic news, I hope you're reading Smell Ya Later (on page 45 this week), Eric Esquivel's reflections on his time in Tucson (he moved to Los Angeles last week). That strip is intended to be a short term project, running until the end of July. Catch up on the strips you missed on our website if you're late to the party.

Since we're losing two comics this month, we really should replace them with something new. There are plenty of syndicated strips out there, but I'd personally like to find someone local to fill the space, whether that's a strip we run for years (like Roland & Cid) or something we run as a mini-series (like Smell Ya Later).

So, if you think you have something interesting to write/draw each week, let me know. I acknowlege that I'm no expert in the medium, so I'm basically just looking for ideas that seem interesting, sustainable and will have a hook that appeals to our readers. Email me an example of your work and a summary of what you're thinking of doing. If we get a few ideas that seem promising (and I imagine we will), I'll probably share them on The Range to get some reader feedback. I look forward to seeing what this city can come up with.

Unrelated to comics whatsoever, but I also want to take a moment to recognize Jim Nintzel's 24th anniversary with the Weekly. Fittingly, he has the cover story this week, recapping the good and bad (and remarkably, there are some things that can be clearly defined as "good") of the legislative session that wrapped up last month. It's an honor to work with someone with the knowledge and skill that Nintzel has, so here's to many more cover stories, Skinnys and years at the Weekly.

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