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Shame On You, Beyoncé

I generally enjoy Beyoncé's music. I agree with Kanye that "Single Ladies" was a superior video to whatever it was that Taylor Swift did or ever has done. Also, I am generally afraid of the current and future influence of her offspring and their Illuminati cohorts. Blue Ivy, please forgive me for what I write here. I beg for your future mercy.

Despite my appreciation for Ms. Knowles-Carter's considerable talents, I stand with my alt-weekly brethren in suggesting she rethink her policy regarding media access to her forthcoming tour.

As part of her photography and video guidelines, here's how her people are handling press photography: "There are no photo credentials for this show. Local news outlets, including print and online will be given a link to download photos from every show. They will need to register to access the photos." Furthermore, her media representatives would like media outlets to remove any "unflattering" photos of her Beyoncéness.

Clearly, Beyoncé's not coming here (at least I can't imagine she would perform in the less-than-ideal-and-that's-being-really-generous TCC Arena), so this isn't an issue for the Weekly particularly but the media really needs to try to prevent this bad idea from becoming a more prevalent policy. Stock photos aren't that uncommon and occasionally publications will be forced to pick an approved photographer who takes the official images from an event, but there's really no good reason to not let photographers take a few photos of Beyoncé during her show, guided by simple guidelines to not detract or distract from what will surely be an elaborate stage show. However, the idea that Beyoncé has reached a point where she gets to determine exactly what images of her appear everywhere is absurd, to say the least. In fact, it really just encourages people to find "unflattering" images.

You're an attractive woman, Beyoncé. Just let people enjoy a moment where you don't look your best. Trying to control everything generally ends up leaving you controlling nothing.

On an entirely different note, comedian/comic guy Henry Barajas was kind enough to invite me to participate in a new event he's hosting at the Loft on the May 21 at 9 p.m. called Viva La Viral! Look for more info online and come by to watch YouTube videos with us.

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