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It's Voting Time

First of all, thanks for reading our 100 Essential Dishes issue last week. Getting a real sense of how many people read any particular part of the paper any given week is a challenge, but considering more than 1,100 people have shared the article on Facebook alone so far, this particular feature seems to be popular. Plus, it reflects on a positive aspect of living in Tucson and not something a news anchor did that they shouldn't (that sort of thing is, regrettably, online traffic gold). On a less analytical level, I've personally enjoyed seeing people share the page on Facebook, remarking that they have a bunch of new restaurants to try. I know I have a long-ish new list of dining out to-dos based on comments left online of places we missed. We have at least one more food guide style article planned before Best of Tucson®, so hopefully you all will enjoy that as well. The research for that sort of thing is fun, at the very least, so we'll probably keep running more food stuff until someone tells us to stop (please don't tell us to stop).

Speaking of news anchors, I have to admit, most days I agree with Channel 6 news personality Kent Brockman: Democracy simply doesn't work. However, one possible exception to that trustworthy axiom: Best of Tucson® voting. On Thursday, we'll kick off the first stage of assembling our annual list of the best people, places, events, etc. in our fair city, and of course, we need your help. Go to our website, submit your name and some basic contact info, and let us know what you love about Tucson. An obligatory request/warning: Please don't try to stuff the ballot box. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, we're good at sniffing this sort of thing out and we'll start swinging our digital axe at ballots that don't seem legit. Feel free to campaign. Send the link out to your friends and family, let people know that you'd appreciate their support, but keep it above board.

Also worth noting, Jim Nintzel did a great job on his profile of Steve Kozachik this week. I'm sure Jon Justice is likely highlighting passages to mock right now, but it's a great look at Tucson's most influential politician during the year of his re-election campaign. Be sure to check it out.

As always, thanks for reading the Weekly.

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