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First of all, be sure to check out our cover story this week. Casey Dewey, with his first feature for the Tucson Weekly, did a great job interviewing local tattoo artist/rapper/enigma Isaiah Toothtaker. Other than a few Soundbites mentions, TAMMIES nominations and I think a blog post or two, we haven't really written about Toothtaker much, which, considering the national press he's received and the sheer volume of his musical output, was a regrettable oversight on our part. Love him or hate him, he's definitely a part of Tucson culture you can't ignore. We're working on expanding the reach of what we cover as far as Tucson music goes, and, hopefully, this is a good start in righting some of our past sins of tunnel vision.

Also on the music front, you really should join us for the Festival en el Barrio this Sunday. While I still enjoy their music, I'm almost hesitant to mention anything involving Calexico, since this paper has given them a significant amount of ink over the years (deservedly, I say), but the lineup for the festival gets better every year, even ignoring Tucson's favorite duo. Frankly, the opportunity to see Rebirth Brass Band and Heartless Bastards on what will hopefully be a great Baja Arizona day outdoors should have been enough to sell out the event, but still, we're Tucsonans and thus creatures of last-minute decision making. Help out KXCI, see some great music, and enjoy our city before blast-furnace-like conditions kick in. Good things all.

Not related to music, I'm trying to get a focus group of sorts together to discuss the Weekly, mostly the print edition, but reaching into what we're doing online as well. Location and date to be determined, but I'm hoping to collect some of our most avid readers and some of you that catch the paper now and then, offer up some beer (or non-alcoholic drink of your choice) and some pizza in exchange for your thoughts. It would be an interesting evening at the very least, and based on the comment section and my email inbox, there are quite a few of you who would enjoy another venue in which to share your opinions about the Weekly. If you're interested in participating in such a thing, keep an eye on The Range (I'll put up a quick demographic survey up there on Thursday) or email me directly.

As always, thanks for reading.

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