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Leaning Slightly to the Left

First, a note: While based on this week and last, it would appear that this section of the paper is quickly becoming a space for me to complain about people who contact me here at the Weekly, I'm going to have something positive to say next week. I'm relatively sure I will, at least.

Now, on to the complaining.

I welcome your comments, suggestions about what we can do differently, kudos, insults, whatever. Believe it or not, even the unpleasant recognition still lets me know that someone's reading the paper or online product. However, you can spare yourself the trouble if you're planning on telling me that the Weekly is too liberal.

Yes, generally, we're going to report on things from the perspective of left-of-center. We usually endorse Democratic candidates. I think "TS Beauty Jada" who advertises in the back voted for Obama, although most of her clients probably voted for Romney. None of this is news, really. Your complaints will not likely change anything.

However, we're not taking notes or editorial advice from local Democrats or leftist activists. In fact, they're generally irritated with us as well. It's sort of the nature of this business. You can't please everyone, but if you are, you're doing something wrong.

I still believe that the Tucson Weekly is essential reading for anyone who cares about this city, regardless of party leaning. Our news items are extensively researched, which is more than can be said for the average consumable unit of right wing media. If you can spot an actual fact during an hour of the Jon Justice show, they should probably give you a prize. The Arizona Daily Independent is more like a parody of a news source than anything.

Even if you ignore the first 13 pages this week, the rest is largely politics-free and full of useful information. What to do, where to eat, what to listen to; it's all in there, past the stuff that might offend our right-wing pals.

If there's nothing there that you're interested in, there's not much I can do for you. Good luck being no fun at all.

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