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Some pertinent news and, um, rants this week:

• In our Dec. 27 issue, we'll feature our annual Southern Arizona New Year's Guide. We want to make the guide as comprehensive as possible—and in order to so do, we need your information.

If you are involved in an event taking place on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, send us your event info no later than noon on Monday, Dec. 17, to listings@tucsonweekly.com. Be sure to include all of the pertinent details (date, time, location, cost, contact info and a brief description). Thanks!

• Folks: If you read a review or an opinion piece in the Tucson Weekly, and you disagree with it, please don't call me to argue about it.

A gentleman called today to express his extreme displeasure with Ryn Gargulinski's column last week, in which she criticized the county's new ban on smoking everywhere on county property—even outdoors. Ryn's stance was that banning smoking outdoors was not a good thing to do.

This gentleman was appalled that I, as the editor, would allow such a column in the paper.

He was even more stunned when I told him that, more or less, I disagreed with Ryn's position as well.

Just because an opinion piece or review runs in the Tucson Weekly, that does not mean that I (or anyone else at Weekly World Central) necessarily agree with it. We let our columnists and reviewers have their say, as long as they're being factual and ethical. Period.

And we let our readers have their say, too, in comments at TucsonWeekly.com, and in the Mailbag and Guest Commentary sections in the print version.

So, if you disagree, please, write or login. But don't call me to argue—because I may just agree with you.

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