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When Readers Procrastinate

In this space, I often say nice things about all of you who take the time to read this fine publication, bettering yourselves and the community in the process.

But this week, dear readers, it's time for a bit of a tongue-lashing.

On Nov. 8, I informed y'all that we would be doing one last Get Out of Town! issue, on Dec. 13, before retiring it after a 10-year-run—and I invited you to take part. To repeat: "Every year since 2003, we've kicked people, places, organizations, etc. that somehow annoy or perturb us out of town. (Not that they ever leave ... but, hey, the process makes us feel better.) This year, we're asking you to join us by writing up your own Get Out of Town! submissions—and we'll run the best of the bunch in the Get Out of Town! issue. If you want to give something or someone the boot, email your write-up to mailbag@tucsonweekly.com no later than Tuesday, Dec. 4. Be sure to include contact info, so we can verify authorship."

Well, here it is, mere days before that Tuesday deadline, and how many Get Out of Town! reader submissions have arrived in my inbox?

One. And that reader revoked the submission, fearing reprisal by his homeowners' association. (Long story.)

So ... help us send off this Tucson holiday-naughty-list tradition in style by submitting your own Get Out of Town! ideas. I know you have them, and you're just procrastinating; Southern Arizona, while awesome in innumerable ways, ain't perfect.

Get off your butts, and send in those submissions. Operators are standing by! (OK, there's just one operator, and it's me, and I get emails on my phone, so I am not necessarily standing by, but still ... just send in your darn submissions!)

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