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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving columns about things for which people are thankful are clichéd, I will concede, but I am thankful for a lot right now.

So, on with the thanks-giving!

• I am thankful for the Tucson Weekly's fantastic bunch of writers. We're blessed to have some of the very best critics, columnists and reporters throughout the state—and they have the awards and honors to prove it.

• I am thankful that Proposition 409 passed. Tucson's streets are badly in need of repair, and I am reasonably confident our newish mayor and city manager will do everything in their power to make sure the bond money is spent well, and spent wisely. (I couldn't necessarily say this about some previous city leaders ... and I am thankful I can say it about Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and City Manager Richard Miranda.)

• I am thankful for Tucson's amazing food, and the people who make it. From the gelato at Allegro, to the marinara sauce at Mama Louisa's, to the chile verde at Taco Giro, to the carne seca tacos at Taqueria Pico de Gallo ... I could go on and on, but we're blessed with amazing locally owned small businesses that produce excellent eats in this city. I am thankful, even if my waistline is not.

• I am thankful for the amazing amount of culture in Southern Arizona. We have so many events, concerts, theatrical performances and so on that we have to pick and choose, rather carefully, what we cover. I wish we had more space and more resources to cover additional events ... but I'd rather have that problem than live in a place where there aren't so many great things to do.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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