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An Important Election

For obvious reasons, the big political races—for U.S. president, U.S. Senate and so on—are getting a lot of attention from media and the public alike.

However, many not-so-big races are not getting a lot of attention—and they should, because what these elected officials do affects all of us, directly and often immediately.

Some examples:

• Do you care what happens on and along roads within Pima County? Do you care about open space, or where your property taxes go? Then you should be interested in what's going on with the Pima County Board of Supervisors. You can read all about two of the most hotly contested races in Jim Nintzel's cover-story package, here and here.

• Does someone you know have plans to attend Pima Community College? Well, then you're probably interested in what the college's five-member governing board is up to. For example, the board made waves recently by abandoning the school's open-admissions policy; in other words, prospective students now need to pass a test before going to Pima. And then there are matters involving how those Pima tuition dollars are being spent. You can read more about this race here.

• Might you ever have a reason to contact law enforcement? Then you probably care about the issues in the Pima County sheriff's race. This year, the incumbent, Clarence Dupnik, is facing his most serious challenge in years; read all about it here.

We also have a fine story on the Congressional District 1 race here; meanwhile, The Skinny is chock full of updates on the U.S. Senate contest and the competition in Congressional District 2.

This is important stuff, folks; keep reading the Tucson Weekly and TucsonWeekly.com through Election Day and beyond for the latest news.

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