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Making a Difference

One of the reasons I (usually) love my job is that I know what we do makes a difference in the community.

This was on my mind as I proofed this week's issue. First, check out Tim Vanderpool's Currents story. It's his latest bit of reporting on Tucson Greyhound Park and its efforts to skirt the Tucson Dog Protection Act, passed by South Tucson voters in 2008. The law makes life a little less cruel for the dogs at the track—or it would, if track management didn't ignore and work around the law. Because of Vanderpool's dogged (no pun intended) reporting, and the resulting attention paid to the track's shenanigans, it's getting harder and harder for the track to ignore the law. Read more in his story this week.

Another example: In this week's Noshing Around column, Adam Borowitz mentions a newish food truck, Serial Grillers. Online on The Range, our daily dispatch, Adam expands on the mention with his latest entry in the Food Truck Diaries, his ongoing series of reports on Tucson's food-truck scene. Adam's Food Truck Diaries series has been a big part of the burgeoning food-truck world here in Tucson; he was reporting on food trucks before they were cool, and deserves a lot of credit for making them cool in Tucson.

I could cite numerous other examples of difference-making reporting—from the effects of Jim Nintzel and Mari Herreras' political coverage, to Margaret Regan's arts reporting, to the music reporting of Stephen Seigel and his various music-writers—but instead, I'll shut up so you can get to enjoying that difference-making reporting.

As always, thank you for reading.

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