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Kind Is Good

I despise people who do not treat service-industry employees well.

Due to a family matter, I have recently been spending some time in lovely Reno, Nev. (and it really is lovely; the Reno 911! folks can bite me). I am staying at a hotel-casino. I won't name the particular hotel at which I am staying, but I will say this: The weekday rate is $20 per day (and that rate goes to a not-so-whopping $45 or $55 on weekends), and while the property is showing its age a bit, it's clean and comfy, for the most part.

So, on average, it costs less than $29 per day to stay. And on top of that, when you check in, you get a sheet of coupons for cocktails and meals and whatnot. Nice deal.

Anyway, on one recent morning, I got on an elevator. Already inside were two older women who were not happy with their accommodations. They were bitching about mildew or something, to which I responded, "What do you expect for $20 per night?" That remark bounced off, and they kept whining. Finally, one of the women brought up the aforementioned coupon sheet.

"The bellman gave it to me and said there's $60 worth of coupons," the woman bleated. "Well, I looked at it, and didn't see anything worth $60, so I gave it back to him and told him he could wipe his ass with it."

Wow. Now, if this woman wanted to complain to hotel management about the mildew or the lame coupons, that would be one thing. But to be mean to an employee who's just trying to do his job is another.

Be nice, people. There's no reason to lash out at your fellow human beings who have done nothing wrong.

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