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Young Talent

The Tucson Weekly has a fine internship program, and that means that each year, three groups—of three to five students each—spend several months at Weekly World Central getting some real-life journalism experience.

We usually have two to four writing interns and one photo intern each semester. Our writing interns are kept busy each week writing our City Week section, doing online pieces for The Range, and pitching/writing stories for other sections. Meanwhile, our photo interns are busy taking a wide variety of pictures—and we also challenge each of them to tell a story with photos.

This week's cover package comes to you compliments of our spring photo intern, Zachary Vito. I think you'll agree that he accepted our challenge with vigor, and did an amazing job, telling the story of Jill Macdonald, a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, and Mac, a greyhound with separation-anxiety issues.

With last week's cover story, "Community Over Cocktails," by Mari Herreras, you saw the work of our current photo intern, Joie Horwitz. You also saw her fantastic, on-deadline Election Night pic of Ron Barber and Gabrielle Giffords. I can't wait to see how she meets the photo-story challenge.

Last but far from least, each week for the last month or so, event-goers have enjoyed the fine work of our three summer writing interns: Rachel Cabakoff, Hope Miller and Serena Valdez. You'll be seeing much more from them as the summer boils along.

One of the most rewarding parts of this gig is getting the chance to watch young journalists develop into true professionals. I can only hope that all of you out there in Weekly Reader Land also enjoy watching our interns grow through their work.

As always, thanks for reading.

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