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No-Whining Zone

Those of us who toil at Weekly World Central have a longstanding policy that feedback, be it positive or negative, is always welcome, as long as it's offered in a constructive manner.

However, whining is never welcome.

I recently had an online argument with a local dude who apparently just realized that the results of the Best of Tucson® and the Tucson Area Music Awards are determined by a readers' vote (even though such has been the case for more than two decades). He then took to Facebook to blather about "downtown, Fourth Avenue and alternative lifestyles" groups engaging in some sort of conspiracy to rig the voting.

However, he declined to tell me the specifics of this conspiracy. (And when I informed him that the phrase "alternative lifestyles" is offensive to gay folks, he insisted on using it anyway, but that's another story for another time.)

A couple of weeks later, he then fired off a rant-filled missive to our listings email, whining that an event in which he was involved did not get coverage, outside of a listing.

"This event was completely ignored except for a tiny little blurb in the 'Club Listings' (which doesn't accurately represent what's going on in the clubs on a regular basis anyway)," he sniveled, without actually being helpful and citing one thing that was/is inaccurate in our Club Listings. "I find it ironic that this special, different, fun and original event received almost no recognition from the Weekly."

He then called another local group "lame-ass," and accused of us of ass-kissing.

There's a lesson to be learned here: If you have an issue with something at the Weekly (or, well, with anything in life), be polite; offer specific examples; and don't attack others in a lame attempt to bolster your own case.

And definitely don't be a whiner. That's never welcome.

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