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The Heat, Throughly Beat

At the moment I am writing this sentence, it's 103 degrees outside.

Yep, summer is here. I don't care what the calendar says: When it's 103 out, it's summer. That means it's a good time to bring you our Summer Survival Guide, just like we do each year in advance of Memorial Day weekend.

This year's guide contains the kind of good stuff you always expect from the Tucson Weekly—our annual Summer Movie Preview, a look at some of the season's arts highlights, a survey of other things to do by Jim Nintzel, and a primer on summer golf in that unique Tom Danehy style.

Finally, the print edition contains our Summer Survival Calendar—featuring almost four pages of summer goings-on—compiled by the incomparable Linda Ray (all of these events can also be found online in our listings).

It used to be that people considered Tucson summers slow, events-wise. However, that's no longer the case, as these listings prove. A Tucson summer these days is slower, yes, when compared to the madness of March and October, but it's not slow. There is plenty to do, from theater to film to music to kids' activities to sports.

Nonetheless, some Tucsonans I know sort of go into a cocoon and hide during the sizzling summer months. Not me; summer is one of my favorite times to get out and enjoy the city. For example, I love good food (a bit too much sometimes), and this is the best time of year, hands-down, to get amazing deals at restaurants that need business. And most of these restaurants have nice, comfortable, air-conditioned environs.

So ... get out and enjoy the Tucson summer—103-degree temperatures be damned.

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