Editor's Note


Can we talk about allergies for a moment?

What in the $%@& is in the air that is causing me to sneeze approximately every 7.2 seconds? Good god. For the last three weeks, my nose has been irritated and gross and a generally unpleasant place to have attached to my face.

Last week, when it was really windy and we had that haboob-lite thing that roared through town, my nose was so itchy that I was this close to grabbing one of those dish-washing-brush things and going to town. Yeah, it would have caused lasting and embarrassing damage, but for a brief shining moment, it would have felt soooo good.

And then last weekend, I got a case of what was either food poisoning or the stomach flu; whatever it was, it was bad enough that I lost seven pounds in two days. I was such a wreck that I was too tired to look at a computer screen, and was afraid to get more than 10 steps away from a bathroom.

My entire body basically shut down for a day and a half ... that is, my entire body except for the parts that suffer from allergies. You know how god-awful it is to have a sneezing fit when you're otherwise barely able to move, and at the same time, you're trying to avoid a horrifying eruption out of one or more orifices? It's really freaking god-awful.

Anyway, this whole Editor's Note is my way of telling my fellow Southern Arizona allergy-sufferers out there that I feel your pain. Oh, and stay away from those dish-washing brushes. They're trouble.

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