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On Our To-Do List

April is busy as heck here at Weekly World Central. Here is some pertinent info about some of the stuff we're busy with:

• Thanks to the 326 of you who, as of this writing, have already voted in our Best of Tucson® poll. To those of you who haven't voted yet: What are you waiting for? Yeah, you have until May 30 to vote, but why not head over, and get it off your plate now? You'll feel better. I promise.

• And now, a personal note to people who skirt or disregard the Best of Tucson® voting rules: What are you doing? We check all the ballots, y'know, and if you don't meet the requirements—you don't put a full name, or you put fake contact information, etc.—your ballot won't be counted. Also, we track IP addresses and other identifying info, so don't try any funny stuff. We'll catch it. Really. We throw out hundreds of hinky ballots every year.

• Club Crawl® is coming. Specifically, it's coming on Saturday, April 21. You can read all about the event next week in our special program—the awesome lineup is already posted at ClubCrawl.net (and watch for updates)—but I encourage you to get thee to Zia Records to get your admission wristbands. They're only $8, which is a smokin' deal for all the music and frivolity that buys ya.

• Be sure to keep your eyes on The Range, our daily dispatch, next Tuesday, April 17, for coverage of the Congressional District 8 special primary election. We'll be posting results, reactions and other news as it develops. As always, thanks for reading!

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