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Why $2k?

I understand classic conservatism. I understand classic liberalism. I even understand classic libertarianism.

But I do not understand this Arizona Legislature.

As we do every year, we're following the legislation being churned out in Phoenix—and while there's some good stuff (like a bill to ban texting while driving, which seems like a total no-brainer), there's also a whole lot of terrible. See our cover story for a primer.

Of course, there's the usual ideologically driven dreck—pro-religion, anti-abortion nonsense driven by People Who Think They Know Everything, Because God Told Them Everything—but then there are things that are simply baffling, such as HB 2675.

This bill would force any state university student to pay $2,000 themselves per year. Need-based financial aid and scholarships would not apply; the only exceptions to the rule would be students receiving academic or athletic full-ride scholarships.

"In these times, we can't be giving away for free a fine university education to people who aren't athletes or scholars," Rep. John Kavanagh, of Fountain Hills, told the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

I have three words in response: What. An. Asshole.

This moronic bill, if it becomes law, would only really affect poor students—kids who are trying to raise themselves up with a quality education. It will lead to these students either taking on more debt, or not going to school. Either of these outcomes is bad.

I know what I am talking about here. I graduated with $24,000 in student loans—this, despite working two jobs during the summer, and even working every Christmas break.

Now, I was a scholar back in the day, and I turned down an academic full-ride at my local state university to go to a private university, but that was my choice.

John Kavanagh is not giving students any choice with this bill. It's another example of the state trying to stick it to the poor—and it's disgusting.

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