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The decision by the Arizona Democratic Party to skip the Arizona presidential primary this year—while understandable and quite fiscally responsible—sure isn't helping the party's registration numbers.

Earlier this week, I, Jimmy Boegle, became a registered Republican, so I can vote in the presidential primary later this month. The same goes for most of the rest of the Tucson Weekly editorial staff. God help us.

I still don't know who will get my vote—but you can read all about the contenders in our very special Project White House 2012 package online.

When I posted the news of my new party affiliation on Facebook, the reaction to the news that I—a fairly liberal-minded dude—was now a member of the GOP was varied.

"I don't even know you anymore," said a good college friend. "You're dead to me. :)" said a colleague.

Meanwhile, James DiGiovanna—the former and future-if-I-can-ever-talk-him-back-in-to-it Weekly film reviewer—may have best summed up the matter.

"Well, like most Republicans, you're a gay, white man. So there's that," James noted.

Ha! We kid, we kid, my Republican comrades.

In genuine seriousness, several commenters took me to task for joining the Republican ranks, saying that what I was doing was truly wrong—that I was consorting with the enemy, if you will.

A couple of responses to those people: First, it's true that there are good Republicans out there. They're drowned out these days by the xenophobes and homophobes and class-warfare proponents, yes, but they're out there.

Second, not all Democrats or independents are all that great—far from it. I could name names if you'd like.

The moral of this story: It's almost never a good idea to paint with an overbroad brush.

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