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Some notes and news this week:

• At some point last Wednesday (Oct. 12), a bunch of Tucson Weekly newspapers were strewn down the middle of Campbell Avenue.

First, we here at Weekly World Central apologize for this. It's embarrassing to see our hard work turned into mere litter—and we know it wasn't pleasant for the residents, businesses and commuters along Campbell Avenue.

Second, thank you to the reader who alerted us to this fact by sending a photo via Twitter.

Third, if anyone out there knows how these papers wound up in the middle of Campbell Avenue, please send me an e-mail, or call me at 295-4221. We'd really like to know what happened—especially considering that last week's issue included one of our thrice-yearly supplements that focus on Tucson's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community. Thanks.

• For those of you who read the Tucson Weekly online, I encourage you to peruse Dan Gibson's Weekly Wide Web column, in which he discusses the rash of nasty comments that some of our stories have received as of late.

I also encourage all commenters to check out our comments policy. To sum it up in one sentence: Debate and discussion is awesome—as long as you keep things on-topic and don't act like an ass.

Unfortunately, too many people have been acting like asses as of late—and have gotten their asses banned from TucsonWeekly.com as a result.

We really, really love it when people come to the website and engage in a discussion. But we don't want our website's comments sections to become cesspools of ignorance and bigotry—like they have on, say, Azstarnet.com.

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