Editor's Note

An Open Letter

Dear Arts Organizations of Tucson,

Hey there. Jimmy Boegle here. I edit the Tucson Weekly, and ... well, we need to have a talk.

Here's the deal: A lot of you really need to learn how to promote yourselves better. Frankly, when it comes to getting the word out ... some of you really, really suck.

Take our Fall Arts Preview, which was painstakingly put together by Margaret Regan and Linda Ray (with an assist from Irene Messina) for this week's issue. I put out a call for information in this very space, asking arts orgs to send us information to be included here. Margaret and Linda also contacted a lot of you directly, and the result is a pretty darned good preview package, if we do say so ourselves.

Problem is, getting this information out of you was like pulling teeth. Some of you didn't respond to our pleas for information, so we went looking for that info ourselves—on websites, primarily, but basically wherever we could find it. And in a lot of cases, the information that you gave us was incomplete (for example, we received a lot of promotional images without information about what was pictured in those images) or just plain wrong (including dates than don't exist and other accuracy-challenged occurrences).

So ... please, do better. We want you to succeed. Really. That's why we're willing to give you all of this free ink and all of these free pixels. Take the free publicity, OK?

Thank you.

Check our Fall Arts Preview. There's a bunch of great stuff happening this season. It's gonna be fun.

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