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The Ax Looms

Consider yourself warned: This week's cover story is depressing.

Jim Nintzel's examination of the state's health-care cuts and the anticipated repercussions clearly shows that the decreases in the state's AHCCCS rolls will hurt a lot of people—literally. An estimated 200,000 people will wind up not being covered as a direct result of these cuts—and because of a lack of health care, some of these people will die.

See? Depressing.

The piece is also depressing on a whole other level—an economic one.

Not only is the state trimming a half-billion bucks out of health-care spending in the coming year; a billion or so in federal matching funds will also not be coming in as a result, presuming the cuts aren't overturned in court or blocked by the feds. That means the state's health-care system could take a $1.5 billion hit, leading to tens of thousands of lost jobs and the possible closure of some hospitals.

Arizona's economy is already in tenuous shape. And now we're throwing this $1.5 billion debacle on top of it. Gulp.

Of course, Jim's cover story is highly recommended reading—even if it may not be the most uplifting article. Also recommended: Contact your state representatives and tell them how you feel (especially if you live in a district represented by any of the Republicans who voted for all of these cuts).

One final recommendation: If you have the means, consider donating your time or some cash to a worthy cause that helps down-on-their-luck people.

As always, thanks for reading.

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