Editor's Note

Pomp and Troubled Circumstance

As years go, 2020 has been pretty lousy for most of us. We've got a virus that has killed nearly 100,000 Americans and counting. More than 600,000 Arizonans have lost their jobs. Business owners are hanging on by their fingernails. We can't go to a ballgame, a concert, a summer festival or even a cool, dark movie theater.

Our schools closed down after spring break, turning all of Arizona's students into home schoolers whether parents were prepared for it or not. (For the record, that was "not" in most cases.) It's been tough for kids who are used to spending their time with their friends, and instead found themselves cooped up with their families, trying to navigate Zoom for their lessons.

It's been especially hard on graduating seniors, who didn't get the chance to experience their final weeks in school to see their classmates and teachers. They didn't get to go to prom or play their final sport competitions or walk in graduation in front of a cheering crowd. It's a heartbreaking end for the Class of 2020.

Managing editor Logan Burtch-Buus, associate editor Jeff Gardner and longtime columnist Tom Danehy highlight the accomplishments of four outstanding seniors who graduated last week: Leilani Serbousek of Mountain View, Natalia Padilla of Sunnyside High, Kaitlyn Hsu of Canyon del Oro and Janay Ladriere of Pueblo High. All of them have worked their butts off for the past four years to graduate at the top of their class and they'll be shaping the world of tomorrow. They—and so many other hard-working kids—are an inspiration to all of us here at Tucson Weekly as we navigate our way through the pandemic. They remind us that even though these are rough times, the future remains bright. Congrats to them and all the other members of the Class of 2020.

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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