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Muchas Gracias

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who has made a donation in support of our local journalism. As you can see from this slim edition of Tucson Weekly, many of our advertisers have been hammered by the restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak, so contributions from you are keeping our local newspaper alive as we work our way through the pandemic. If you'd like to make a donation, please visit TucsonWeekly.com and see the donation box in the upper right of the website. A caveat: We are not a nonprofit so your contributions are not tax-deductible, but they do keep our reports coming.

Even though the paper is slim, this team working with me—managing editor Logan Burtch-Buus, associate editor Jeff Gardner, web editor Tara Foulkrod and staff reporters Kathleen Kunz and Austin Counts—are delivering updates about the pandemic alongside other vital local news constantly at TucsonWeekly.com. With apologies to Rolling Stone, we may only have room for all the news that fits in our print edition, but there's a lot more to read online. Last week, as you'll see in our new COVID-19 newsbrief roundup on Page 4, we covered the troubles that local businesses are facing to get Paycheck Protection Program loans through the banks and the Small Business Administration; the dire financial straits facing the City of Tucson and the University of Arizona; Tucson's effort to find housing for homeless people suffering from or at high risk for the novel coronavirus; the UA's plans to make antibody tests; and a whole bunch more. This week, we're rolling out campaign coverage of local, state and federal races that are coming up this year.

So what will you find in our print pages this week? The Skinny looks at who's running for U.S. Senate and Congress, along with their latest fundraising numbers; Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith looks into how kids are handling the social distancing caused by the outbreak; reporter Austin Counts delivers the latest on the court fight regarding the recreational cannabis initiative and other signature-gathering efforts, as well as telling you how you can bid on a 4-H steer now that the Pima County Fair is canceled; and we've got comics, horoscopes, a sex column and other diversions to help you pass that stay-at-home time.

Thanks for being here with the Weekly. We appreciate it now more than ever.

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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