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Safe At Last

The Arizona Legislature is done with work once more, so we can all breathe easier. This session wasn't as bad as some because lawmakers had a lot of money to throw around, but this is hardly a crew that thinks much about the long-term future of the state. Anyway, political junkie Arthur Black covers some of the highlights in this week's cover story.

We're also excited to introduce you to a new cartoonist this week: Jen Sorenson, who has been drawing cartoons for more than two decades. Her work has appeared at NPR.org and in a variety of alt publications, including The Nation, the Austin Chronicle and the late Village Voice, as well as in more mainstream journalism outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and MAD magazine. We are delighted to have her join our usual bunch of idiots.

Elsewhere in this issue: Staff reporter Kathleen Kunz talks with Congressman Tom O'Halleran about why our divided Congress isn't likely to fix our healthcare system anytime soon; Staff reporter Christopher Boan profiles a Tucsonan who didn't let being paralyzed stop him from pursuing his tennis career—though he now plays in a wheelchair; The Skinny notes that Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller fired her latest chief of staff after he was on the job for less than four months, making him yet another victim of the scorpion on the 11th floor; columnist Tom Danehy is happy the state has banned texting while driving, but he's not so happy the law won't have any teeth until 2021; arts writer Margaret Regan reviews the current show at downtown's Etherton Gallery; music contributor Eric Swedlund talks with Austin guitar legend Alejandro Escovedo about why his new album focuses on immigration ahead of Escovedo's upcoming show at 191 Toole; Marguerite Saxton of TamingOfTheReview.com brings us a review of Live Theater Workshop production of Appropriate; Chow writer Mark Whittaker finds out what's being dished out at Bowld; and there's plenty more in our pages, so dig in and enjoy. Finally, be sure to visit TucsonWeekly.com/BOT to cast a ballot in this year's Best of Tucson™! The first-round voting wraps up June 17.

See you at Ally Miller's job fair!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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