Editor's Note

I’ll Drink To That!

Web editor Tirion Morris took a few minutes away from all that management of Tucson Local Media's internet empire to pen this week's cover story, a preview of the Baja Beer Festival happening downtown. More than 30 Arizona brewers are expected to bring their finest IPAs, so if you like cold beer, head to Armory Park for a taste of Arizona's finest.

Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith returns this week with a tale of down-on-their-luck, nearly homeless Tucsonans who manage to keep each other's heads above water. Big congrats are due to Brian and his lovely wife, Maggie, who have also produced a film based on Tucson Salvage columns. Tucson Salvage: The Documentary won an award for Best Original Screenplay at the Golden State Film Festival last month. The honor follows the film's capture of the Grand Jury Prize Best Short Documentary award at the Culver City Film Festival last December.

Elsewhere in this issue: Staff reporter Kathleen Kunz follows the latest with the controversial Operation Stonegarden grant for law enforcement; associate editor Jeff Gardner checks in the plucky UA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx as it orbits around the asteroid Bennu; contributor David J. Del Grande covers the funeral of legendary local developer Don Diamond; The Skinny ponders where we will get our guacamole if Trump closes the border; arts writer Margaret Regan previews this weekend's SculptureTucson festival; music contributor Brett Callwood talks to Red Molly ahead of the band's appearance at this weekend's Tucson Folk Festival; movie critic Bob Grimm says Dumbo is just plain dumb; Cannabis 520 columnist Nick Meyers finds out what's happening on the weed front in the smoke-filled backrooms of the Arizona Legislature; and there's lots more, so kick back and read all our coverage, columns and cartoons.

See you in the beer line!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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