Editor's Note

Bear Down

Make sure your Adderall is under lock and key: The UA's fall semester is about to start!

To welcome our Wildcats back to town, we turned over much of the paper to our unpaid college interns. They're here to share their hard-won wisdom and guide the new students to helpful discounts, little-known transportation tips and much more.

Meanwhile, staff reporter Christopher Boan fills us in on why UA Quarterback Kahlil Tate is a contender for this year's Heisman Trophy, while feature writer Jeff Gardner teaches us a thing or two about some of the mad science happening on campus.

Elsewhere in the book: Unpaid college interns Dylan Reynolds and Tori Tom introduce you to the candidates running in Legislative Districts 3 and 10; associate editor Danyelle Khmara digs into the controversy over the Operation Stonegarden grant that county officials are delaying, much to the dismay of Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier; columnist Tom Danehy launches a feud with the morning daily's Libertarian columnist, Jonathan Hoffman; movie critic Bob Grimm is meh on The Meg; music writer Brett Callwood catches up with Greg Kihn ahead of his show with fellow classic rockers Rick Springfield, Loverboy and Tommy Tutone at AVA Amphitheatre on Sunday night, and there's plenty more, so bear down and dig in.

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor