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Drink Up!


As any good manager will tell you, team building is vital to any workforce. And so it was, a few weeks ago, that the Weekly's editorial staff set out for a Saturday night exploring downtown Tucson's burgeoning brewery scene. We tasted a lot of cold beer, got a little exercise and learned a lot about each other (especially during that game of Cards Against Humanity at Public Brewhouse). We emerged a better editorial team as a result—or at least that's what I'm telling our publisher when I turn in the receipts.

My exact memories of the evening remain a bit hazy, but I was impressed at how many breweries have sprung up in downtown, all serving their own unique pilsners and IPAs. It makes me wish this sort of variety was around back in the day when I was drinking all that canned swill in my misspent youth.

You should get out and sample what's available during Tucson's Beer Week. Jeff Gardner has the details in this week's cover story.

Jeff also talked to UA professor Kory Floyd, who makes the case that kissing—and general affectionate contact—is good for you. So maybe while you're out drinking beer, you might find some time to—consensually!—have a smooch while you're out having those cold beers.

Elsewhere in the book: Staff reporter Danyelle Khmara learns about a new program to help undocumented immigrants with their legal challenges; columnist Brian Smith tells the story of an immigrant who is trying to make a living in these tough times; weed columnist Nick Meyers looks at legislation that might lower the cost of those medical marijuana cards; Chow writer Mark Whittaker finds a new BBQ joint; movie critic Bob Grimm is not spooked by Winchester; staff writer Christopher Boan celebrates the opening of a new recording studio and record store by Baby Gas Mask Records; the Sweethearts of the Rodeo share their favorite records ahead of a Valentine's Day show at EXO Bar; and there's plenty more about the best ways to spend your time eating, drinking and generally having fun in this town.

Until next week, bottom's up!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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