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The Midterms Are Coming

The midterm elections are coming...

It's another big election year in Arizona, with races for the U.S. Senate, Congress, governor, attorney general, all the seats in the Arizona Legislature, town councils, school districts and a bunch more. With the return of The Skinny this week, we start to round up some of 2018's key races, though you can bet plenty will change between now and when candidates file their nominating petitions in May, so think of this as a pre-season preview. We'll be here to cover the campaigns between now and when you cast your ballot, so keep picking up the paper to find out more about the candidates who are looking for your vote.

In other big news: It appears the University of Arizona is looking for a new football coach. Staff reporter Christopher Boan rounds up the wildest allegations against Rich Rodriquez in a claim filed by a former administrative assistant who says, among other things, that Rich Rod liked parading around in underwear that provided his junk with some real definition. Sounds like Coach may have been a little distracted, which may go a long way toward explaining the UA's lousy record as well as Rich Rod's temperamental explosions.

As usual, we have plenty more in the book: Staff writer Danyelle Khmara lets you know how you can get active while honoring the memory of those who lost their lives in Tucson's 2011 mass shooting at Gabby Giffords' Congress on Your Corner; UA journalism student Rocky Baier gets you caught up on what's going on with gun-violence legislation these days; medical marijuana correspondent Nick Meyers tries to figure out what Attorney General Jeff Session's unleashing of federal prosecutors means for Arizona's pot dispensary industry; film writer Bob Grimm says you should ante up and see Molly's Game; staff reporter Jeff Gardner tells you how you can see independent filmmaker Jon Jost when he visits Tucson this week; music writer Eric Swedlund has the lowdown on Josh Ritter's upcoming show at the Rialto; food writer Mark Whittaker tastes what the rolling food lab Molecular Munchies has to offer; XOXO... columnist Xavier Otero previews a whole bunch of this week's shows—including the ongoing Tucson Jazz Festival—and CD releases; sex columnist Dan Savage is pretty grossed out by what one woman wants to do with earthworms; and, of course, there's a whole bunch more.

Remember, Tucson: Let's keep our pants on while in the office and otherwise keep on keepin' on.

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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