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Foreign Exchange

I first came across a battered paperback on The Panama Hat Trail in my college days, so it was a treat to interview author Tom Miller about his latest book, Cuba, Hot and Cold. Miller came up in the biz through the anti-war underground press of the late '60s, which predated the alternative press that launched publications like the Tucson Weekly. He's a great storyteller, and one of our foremost experts on Cuba, which he's been visiting for three decades now. We're delighted to bring you an excerpt from the book this week that explores how the music of the Buena Vista Social Club—among other cultural touchstones—helped thaw relations between the tiny island nation and the United States.

Elsewhere in the book: Staff reporter Danyelle Khmara tells about homeless kids who were given cameras and asked to take pictures of their dreams; another of our staff writers, Jeff Gardner, warns us about the danger involved in the end of net neutrality; UA intern Tirion Morris tells you all about Baja Café's latest branch, up at Ina and Thornydale (and if you haven't checked out this spectacular little diner yet, you should definitely get in there for those snickerdoodle pancakes); Kastle Waserman previews the return of the Supersuckers, a onetime Tucson band who found fame and fortune once they left town; comedy correspondent Linda Ray gives you the details on the upcoming Estrogen Hour show at Laff's Comedy Caffe; arts writer Margaret Regan rounds up some holiday shows in local galleries; movie critic Bob Grimm says The Man Who Invented Christmas is not so much "ho-ho-ho" or "bah, humbug," but rather ho-hum; and in the The Skinny, I wonder if it's possible that John McCain and Jeff Flake will sink the incredibly irresponsible giveaway to America's wealthiest that is racing through Congress masquerading as tax reform. Plus we have all the usual stuff—Police Beat, Quick Bites, Reel Indie, Nightcrawler, Savage Love, Astrology and the rest of the columns that are here to delight and amuse you.

Thanks for reading! We'll see you next time.

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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