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Giving Thanks

Oh, what the heck: If Danehy can do his list of what he's thankful for, I reckon I can, too.

Like Tom, I'm thankful for the Tucson Weekly. This gig allows me to work alongside some of the most creative people in Tucson, from old pros to young kids, who inspire me on a daily basis far more than they realize. And it allows me to learn about some of the best (along with some of the worst!) people in the community. Continuing the mission of this paper is an honor and privilege.

I'm thankful for staff reporter Danyelle Khmara, who lets you know what Steve Bannon had to say during his visit to Tucson last Saturday. She's also got the scoop on Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry's latest notion to persuade state lawmakers to allow him to institute a local property tax to both fund road repairs and lower property taxes.

I'm also thankful for Danyelle's boyfriend, Nick Meyers, who writes our weed column in the back of the book. This week, Nick is a bit outraged about the stiff fees associated with the state's medical marijuana program.

Speaking of power couples, I'm grateful for relatively new Tucson residents, Emily Dieckman and Jeff Gardner. Emily blazed through our full-time employ far too quickly, but she's still writing our City Week calendar, which is packed with fun events once again this week. And her boyfriend, known around the office as BF Jeff before he signed on to take Emily's place, is picking up right where she left off by keeping up with independent film, food tidbits and rock 'n' roll hoochiecoo.

Speaking of rock 'n' roll: I'm thankful to the rich music scene we have here in Tucson, from the touring acts that roll through to all the amazing local bands. This week, we focus on two local bands. In our cover story, Tom Reardon lets us know all about Lenguas Largas, while in our music section, Brett Callwood fills you in on what Gaza Strip is all about. I'm also thankful that the Great Cover Up is coming back after a few years on ice. Seeing local bands masquerade as national acts is one of my favorite charity events of the year, so big thanks to the local bands and the organizers who are making it happen next month.

I'm thankful for Logan Burtch-Buus, who doesn't get his name in the paper often, but does invaluable behind-the-scenes work that ensures the paper hits the street; longtime arts writer and good friend Margaret Regan, who tells us all about three different shows highlighting the threat that our national parks are under while Donald Trump is in the White House; for movie critic Bob Grimm, who warns us to avoid Justice League; for our food writers, Mark Whittaker and Matt Russell, even though they always make me hungry when I edit their work; Linda Ray, who fills us in on the comedy scene every week; and everyone else who helps us get this paper out every week.

And, of course, I'm grateful beyond words for the newest arrival in my family, little Izzy Pop, and her big sister Olivia, and and my amazing wife, Jennifer, who continues to put up with me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm thankful you're still reading this rag after all these years. See you next week!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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