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Best Wishes

We are giving our best to those who are the best this week: the best shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, festivals, trails, parks and places that make Tucson a great place to live.

Let's have a big round of applause for the winners, the finalists and the roughly 12,000 readers who took time to vote.

True confession: I haven't been much involved with Best of in recent years. I did a lot of these monstrous BOTs back when I wore a younger man's clothes, and as my whiskers turned grey, I was happy to hand it over to other people who were more excited about the project than I was. But as I took the reins on the editorial end this year, I found myself really enjoying seeing Tucson through the eyes of the (mostly) young staff that is working here these days. Christopher Boan, Logan Burtch-Buus, Emily Dieckman, Danyelle Khmara and Brian Smith came together to paint a funny and insightful portrait of Tucson's many treasures. Big thanks also to TW's production department—Oliver Muñoz, Christa Madrid and Louis Armendariz—for their hard work putting this thing together, as well as University of Arizona Journalism School interns Rocky Baier, Leah Gilchrest, Andrew Koleski and Tirion Morris, who did a remarkable amount of scut work behind the scenes.

And I should give muchas gracias to the sales staff that hustled out there so we could deliver a 100-page paper to y'all this week—and an even bigger thanks to the advertisers whose support made it possible. It's been a while since we hit that century mark.

And most especially, the biggest thanks goes to production manager Chelo Grubb, who was there from the launch of the ballot to the sending of the final pages to the printer. Chelo doesn't get nearly enough credit, but I'm certain this place would fall to pieces if she weren't here.

Outside of Best of, we've got a darn good issue for you to enjoy. Danyelle Khmara covers both the Ward 3 City Council race and the latest push for a half-cent sales tax to fix Pima County's uneasy streets; Margaret Regan takes us inside the marvelous makeover at the Tucson Museum of Art; Emily Dieckman tells us why cold beer can be a real boost to meditation efforts; Mark Whittaker introduces us to Barista Del Barrio, an extraordinary westside coffee cart; Issac Kirkman tells us about Altrice, a Tucson music producer who is starting to step into the spotlight; Sherilyn Forrester tells us we should meet the stage version of the Addams Family; Nick Meyers lets us know what marijuana researcher Sue Sisley is up to and there's a whole bunch more for you to dig into, once you're done arguing over the Best of results.

See you next week!

— Jim Nintzel, Editor

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