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We're excited to bring you an excerpt from Tucson journalist Todd Miller, whose newly released Storming the Walls examines how climate change is driving migration around the globe. Recent weeks have shown us how climate change is creating larger and larger storms, as residents of Texas and Florida—not to mention some Caribbean islands—are experiencing in devastating fashion. As Todd told TW arts writer Margaret Regan last week: "The future is unwritten right now. It's not inevitable. There are things we still can do, serious mitigation efforts on greenhouse gas. We can continue with a militarized enforcement solution for people migrating—or we can we rethink what we're doing."

Read our cover story, pick up Todd's book and tell your members of Congress that climate change is real, that human activity is making it worse and that it's high time we worked harder to reduce the greenhouse gases that are driving it.

Elsewhere in the book: Emily Dieckman previews Brillo Box (3¢ Off), which is showing at the Loft Cinema on Sunday, Sept. 24, as part a celebration of National Arthouse Theatre Day. You may have already seen the film on HBO, but if you haven't, here's a chance to see with it with filmmaker and UA professor Lisanne Skyler, whose family bought—and then traded away—a Warhol Brillo Box sculpture that sold for $3 million at auction in 2010.

Other highlights in this week's edition: Danyelle Khmara looks at what happens now that a federal judge has ruled that the law that torpedoed TUSD's Mexican-American Studies was unconstitutional and inspired by "racial animus"; Mark Whittaker sings the praises of Boca Taco chef Maria Mezon, who has moved from the old Greasy Tony's spot on Speedway to the roomier Delectable's spot on Fourth Avenue; Sherilyn Forrester gets a look at Chapter Two, Arizona Theatre Company's season opener; Margaret Regan tells you why you should check out a show of photography by Kris Graves at Joseph Gross Gallery; Isaac Kirkman introduces us to local hip-hop artist Profecy; and after a break of a few weeks, The Skinny is back with a look at the return of Zombie Trumpcare, which would finally achieve the longtime dream of conservative Republicans of dismantling the Medicaid program and hoping that state lawmakers will find enough charity in their hearts to ensure that poor people can get healthcare. (Such charity, as I point out in the column, has always been in short supply in Arizona.) Plus, throughout the book, you'll find all kinds of details about concerts to hear, fun stuff to do and great places to eat.

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— Jim Nintzel, Executive Editor

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