Editor's Note

A Busy Time

The late Chris Limberis is going to be inducted into the Arizona Newspapers Association Hall of Fame next month. The official induction will occur at a ceremony in Scottsdale on Friday, Oct. 13. For those of you who may be new Weekly readers, Limbo passed away last November after a long career with the Weekly and the Arizona Daily Star. He was the best reporter I've ever seen, and I can assure you that if there's an afterlife, he's royally pissed at those of us who nominated him for the Hall of Fame. (He hated awards, accolades, etc.) Anyway, we'll discuss his induction a little bit more around the induction ceremony.

· As noted in this space last week, and as noted in The Skinny this week, our press deadline arrived just as the primary election polls were closing on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Therefore, we put our coverage on our increasingly popular blog, at blog.tucsonweekly.com. Please check that out. Of course, we'll also have coverage and analysis in next week's issue.

· Hugh Dougherty and I (with assistance from others, including Irene Messina, Saxon Burns and Arek Sarkissian II) spent a good chunk of last weekend at the office finishing up the editorial portions of Best of TucsonTM 20. If I do say so myself, the issue turned out quite well. We'll be sending it to our printer soon, and you'll be able to get your hands on the 88-page section in two weeks--as part of our Sept. 28 issue. You won't want to miss it.

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