Editor's Note: So Close

Brian Smith
Katherine and Ned Sutton in their backyard.

Hey, how about that UA women's basketball team? As columnist Tom Danehy notes this week, "This was a season to be cherished, a team to be revered, and the start of something that will leave us all awestruck." This team sparked a lot of joy in our town at a time when we could really use the boost. And just wait'll next year!

This week, Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith lands in the cover slot with a profile of legendary Tucson musician Ned Sutton, who was a mentor to many of indie musicians who were up and coming in the 1980s. Sutton had his share of hard times as a Tucson musician, including being set up for an absurd drug bust that netted him a few years in prison, but he served his time and still knows how to strum a guitar, although he hasn't tried to do it for a living since he got out of the pen. Read all about his fascinating life starting on Page 14.

Elsewhere in the book: Staff reporter Christine Duran turns out three big stories this week. On top of filling us in on the latest on COVID, Duran also examines how GOP state lawmakers want to block the Arizona Corporation Commission from moving forward on renewable energy standards unless the Legislature signs off on them and looks at why Pima County is setting up transportation for asylum-seeking undocumented immigrants after they are released from Border Patrol custody; associate editor Jeff Gardner previews this weekend's Tucson Folk Festival; arts writer Margaret Regan rounds up a number of dance, music and gallery shows that are happening in upcoming weeks; Tucson Weedly columnist David Abbott looks at some zoning issues with local dispensaries; and there's plenty more cartoons, columns and cracklin' content throughout the paper.

Stay safe out there! We're almost through this COVID thing.

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Executive Editor

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