Editor's Note: Green Grass and High Tide

After 60 percent of voters approved the recreational use of cannabis by adults in last November, it was pretty clear that the "reefer madness" arguments of prohibitionists were falling on deaf ears. And if the initial lines outside Tucson's dispensaries when they opened for recreational sales less than two weeks ago are any indication, a wide range of folks are ready to enjoy the pleasures of cannabis, whether they want to smoke it, drink it, eat it or rub it on their bodies. While the devil's lettuce still has a ways to go before it's as socially acceptable as having a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, attitudes are clearly changing. Managing editor Austin Counts and Tucson Weedly columnist David Abbott combine forces this week to explore not only what's happening at the dispensaries, but some of the problems that limited zoning is creating for neighbors of the shops.

Elsewhere in the book this week: Staff reporter Nicole Ludden updates us on what's happening with the spread of the coronavirus (getting better but still really bad), the progress on vaccinations (more than 100K done but Pima County needs more shots from the state) and the county's effort to slow the spread (the court says the curfew is still a no-go); columnist Tom Danehy looks at how GOP efforts to disenfranchise voters could ultimately marginalize the Republican Party in Arizona; The Skinny looks at some of the screwball bills this year at the Arizona Legislature; David Abbott explains why there still aren't very many group running events; intern Madison Beal tells us about what we can find at the Humane Society's new thrift store at Park Place; associate editor Jeff Gardner looks at new releases from Seanloui and Mute Swan; and there's plenty more in the book, including Tucson's best cartoons, puzzles, horoscopes and Dan Savage's inimitable sex column.

Stay safe and we'll see you next week!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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