Editor's Note: Cross Words

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Boy, do we hear about it when we screw up the crossword.

Last week, we accidentally included the wrong clues for our New York Times crossword puzzle—and judging from the number of you who reached out to let us know about our screwup, it’s damn certain that many of you love doing it every week. We apologize and will get it right going forward. 

We also apologize for leaving the last few lines of staff writer Christina Duran’s look at rising home prices and rental costs in last week’s print edition. You can find Duran’s whole in-depth report at TucsonWeekly.com.

This week, we celebrate pets in our special My Best Friend section. The package includes a story about Dogtopia, a doggy day care and boarding facility that ensures your dog has a great time while you’re out of the house; a profile of local pet psychics; and photos of our readers’ favorite pets.

Elsewhere in the book this week: The Skinny looks at how the Arizona Legislature gave a giant tax break to Arizona’ highest earners while giving the rest of us a couple of bucks; staff writer Christina Duran explores why so many dollars targeted for eviction prevention have yet to be distributed; Tucson Salvage columnist Brian Smith reflects on fatherhood; arts writer Margaret Regan finds a few silver linings for arts organizations amidst the pandemic clouds; movie critic Bob Grimm takes a trip with Zola; Tucson Weedly columnist David Abbott explains how you can get your cloudy record cleared if you have past marijuana offenses; calendar editor Emily Dieckman tells you where you can see fireworks this year and how else to have fun during this Independence Day weekend; and we’ve got the usual sex column, horoscope, crossword puzzle and cartoons scattered throughout the book.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! See you under the rockets’ red glare.

Jim Nintzel, Executive Editor

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